There's more to light

Interior lighting is multidimensional. It can assume "classic" lighting functions or achieve psychological and physiological  effects as human-centered light - for a greater sense of wellbeing and security. Specific focuses include preventing driver fatigue and motion sickness, as well as communication between the driver and vehicle, for instance for alerts.

To ensure sensitive design for interior systems, we combine our expertise in the area of lighting with all of our expertise in function integration. Light forges links to integrated control functions (for example touch displays) with a high level of user friendliness, based on the latest research in cognitive systems and human-technology interaction.

dLight dynamic

Often subconscious yet always there: Light is an essential design and functional element in the interior cabin of premium vehicles. It does more than just set a pleasant mood. Communication with passengers through light impulses is also gaining in importance. Our dLight dynamic, where light in the interior of car "runs" along a light bar dynamically and in different colors, is already in series production. It can warn passengers of a abrupt braking or visually indicate an incoming call.